Open Studio

For lovers of improvisation, performance, dance, video and music, we kindly invite you to come to practice together in the Open Studio.


Book XX – Encore, Seminars 1972-1973. Audio book in English.

My Teaching

English audio book version of My Teaching by Jacques Lacan

The Science of Logic

English audio book version of The Science of Logic by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

The Capitalist Discourse

English audio book version of The Capitalist Discourse, Discourse of Jacques Lacan at the University of Milan. translated by Jack W. Stone.

What is Sex

English audio book version of What is Sex by Alenka Zupancic


English audio book version of Television by Jacques Lacan, edited by Joan Copjec

Less Than Nothing

Audio book version of Slavoj Zizek’s Less Than Nothing, Hegel and the shadow of Dialectical Materialism.

Open Call

Dear artists and researchers, I made this website and would like to invite you to add any material to this site in so far it resonates with trans-disciplinary artistic practices and research. This is at start a personal initiative …


Commons Choreographic Division of Embodied Research enables an autonomous organisation of social practices, inclusive of the coördinates of their respective structures. Within a common knowledge pool gathered in the Department of Bad Television, the practices bear affinities with Social Choreography …