Stef Meul


° 8 October 1983, Jette,
Brussels, Belgium
email: [email protected]
phone: +32 488 367 723


apass # advanced performance and scenography studies, 2013-2014, Brussels
sandberg institute # dirty art department, 2011-2013, Amsterdam
ahk # modern theatre dance, 2006-2008, Amsterdam
hku # art media & technology, digital video design, 2004-2006, Hilversum
narafi # film, video & television, 2003-2004, Brussels
vrije rudolf steinerschool # Ghent


David Zambrano, Meg Stuart, Martin Kilvady, Elke Van Kampenhout, Rocio Boliver, Lance Gries, Lida Shigemi, Claudia Bosse, Michael Klien.


artistcommons, 2016-present, Brussels, atelier-gallery, 2016-present, Brussels
stage flavour, performance platform, 2016-present, Brussels
performing desires, festival, 2015, sign6, Brussels
– performing poetry, festival, 2015, sign6, Brussels
unlike very performing conditions, festival, 2015, Brussels
sign6, performative art space, 2013-2016, Brussels
– summercamp for performing art, 20102011, Brussels
le chien perdu, artist run space, 2008-2012, Brussels


– You Can Call Me Page, with Freek Willems, Sophie Melis, Giulia Piana, Chiara Monteverde, 2018, platvvorm, Deinze.
– Memoire Universelle, Yet Another Vogue Ball, with Aswad and many others, 2018, Cinema Aventure, Brussels.
– But Who is Billy’s Father Then? with Sophie Melis, Giulia Piana, Chiara Monteverde, Alina Arshi, and others, 2018, Festival Illegaal, World Trade Center, Brussels.
Trajectory/Intervention/Interception, with Marilena Lolou, Marit Shirin Carolasdotter, Matevz Dobai, Neus Barcons Roca, Thomas Saulgrain, Julia Farber, Adrien Marchi, Maria Joao Rodriguez, Elisa Lind Finbogadottir, 2017, Dag Van De Dans, Streets and Beurscafé, Brussels.
Platform for Artistic Research, Exchange and Dissemination in Contemporary Dance, with Esta Matkovic, 2014, Köln.
– Just Quirck it, 2015, Volksroom, Brussels.
– Naked Recourse, 2013-2014, Uferstudios, Berlin; sign6, Brussels.
Fitpanic, with Silvia Pezzarossi, Melissa Guerin, Vilma Pitrinaite, Lich Jass, 2013, Nasa, Amsterdam.
Ruta Baga, with Josefin Arnell, Dagmar Atladottir, Raoul Zollner, 2013, Designing Poverty Fiction Festival, Grand Hornu, Mons.
– Lickture Series, 2012, Brussels, Amsterdam.
– Eco i Narcis, 2012, NIMK, Amsterdam; with Antonio Onio and Alfredo Genovesi, OT301, Amsterdam; with Emmanouela Charatsi and Maria Roka, Loukoumi, Athens; with Gaelle Kleinow, Il est une fois, Brussels; with scenography by Laure Jaffuel, Volksroom, Brussels.
– Filet eau Fish, 2012, Brussels.
– Funky Monkey on Spaceship Earth, 2012, Brussels.
– Extended Field, research study with Lance Gries, Mireia Arnella, Julien Josse, 2012, Brussels.
– BreakFast, 2011, Volksroom, Brussels.
– MassTurbation, with Valeria Garré, 2011, Studio Keller, Paris.
– Pur Natur, 2011, Artpotheek, Brussels.
– Red Light, with Instant Collective, Valeria Garré, Sabine Molenaar, Javi Murugarren, Erik McKenzie, Sasha, Funncycat, 2011 Societeit De Sauna, Amsterdam.
– You Wanted It, with Valeria Garré, 2010, Brussels.
– Premiere May, nowhereart, with Simon Ascencio, Colline Etienne, Valeria Garré, Aude Cartoux, Rosie de Pompidou, Dave Killen, studio’s en scene festival, 2010, Studio l’Envers, Brussels
– Sample Project, 2009, AHK, Amsterdam
– Overangst, 2009, AHK, Amsterdam – The song we are playing, by Giulio d’Anna, 2008, Teatro Concordia, San Benedetto del Tronto.
– Unchained Melody, Deltebre Dansa, 2008, Deltebre.
– uTrechter, with Bram Stadhouders, Arjan Loogman, Adderly Bigelow, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Marjon van Laarhoven, Hilde van der Geld, 2008, Theater Kikker, Utrecht.
– Widows Clicqout, by Giulio d’Anna with Dioekie Meijen, Eva Markusse-Vrieling, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Maartje Pasman, Merel Elise Lammers, Nadeche Studer, Sandrina Lindgren, Sanne Wichman, 2008, AHK, Amsterdam.
– We Punked Out the Ping Pong Balls, with Sandrine Lindgren, AHK, Amsterdam.
– My Fifth Skin, by Teilo Troncy, 2008, AHK, Amsterdam.
– Party, by Sarah Manya, 2007, AHK, Amsterdam.
Now Was Always Late, dedicated to Dieter Vanderbeke, 2007, AHK, Amsterdam.


– A #, 2018, Cunst-link, Brussels.
– Not Like a Poster Sale, 2017, Cunst-link, Brussels.
On s’aimerait Demain au Lac du Mont Blanc, 2017 Cunst-link, Brussels.
366°C, 2013, Artpotheek, Brussels.


Shivoholocast, 2016, Brussels
North Station Red Light, 2013, Preconditions of Acts, apass, Brussels.
Toilet Break Interlude, 2013, Designing Poverty Fiction Festival, Grand Hornu, Mons.
– Death Tonation, with Aloun Marchal, 2009, Paris.
– Because a Kiwi is Not a Banana, 2007, AHK, Amsterdam.
– Human, 2006, HKU, Hilversum.
Trabalho Del Amor, 2006, HKU, Hilversum.
Sleep/Dream, with Ine Claes, one minutes, 2005, HKU, Hilversum.
– No Time Waste, with Ulf, 2005, HKU Hilversum.
– House of Hill, with Ine Claes, Sarah Claes, Janien Debaene, 2004, Narafi, Brussels.
– One’s Mind, De Gedachte, 2002, Ghent.


Connections between desire and knowledge in Hegel, Lacan and Tantric spirituality, work in progress, 20..
Novel a, work in progress, 20..
Paragraph, a-C reflection sessions, 2017.
Tara interview, with Elke van Campenhout, 2014
Naked Recourse, 2014.
Art is Time, thesis on acts of non-creative writing, 2013
366° F, 2013.
Eco i Narcis, booklet, 2012
Cheap Words Talk, 2012.
– De Gedachte, 2002.