Less Than Nothing

Audio book version of Slavoj Zizek’s Less Than Nothing, Hegel and the shadow of Dialectical Materialism.


Commons Choreographic Division of Embodied Research enables an autonomous organisation of social practices, inclusive of the coördinates of their respective structures. Within a common knowledge pool gathered in the Department of Bad Television, the practices bear affinities with Social Choreography (Andrew Hewitt / Michael Klien), the Undercommons (Stefano Harvey and Fred Moten) and the Ljubljana …

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Department of Bad Television

The Department of Bad TV started in 2014 through a collective practice by Anna Sörenson and Stef Meul during the Milieu Workshop by Pierre Rubio at the Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies in Brussels. Check out our Tumblr to access the first DB_TV collection of video’s, then still arranged by category. In 2018 the abandoned …

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