Opposites of Indifference

“Why does it seem easier for us to accept reality when it is within the confinement of the animal kingdom yet so hard for us to face it in our?”

transdisciplinary.art organises a research residency at cunst-link gallery in Brussels for a development of ‘Opposites of Indifference’. 

From the 16th until the 20th of November 2020 the gallery – through internet -research welcomes artists and researchers to shape and interact with the research process. This can be in performative and discursive frames, open to defining boundaries and limiting the fields of the concept in question. 

info: https://www.transdisciplinary.art/opposites-of-indifference-research
For more information about the ways in which for you to engage with the research ‘Opposites of Indifference’ contact: [email protected]

This research residency is a personal initiative by Stef Meul and welcomes support and donations in order to develop transdisciplinary.art into a public foundation.

text: Aysha Taryam, The Opposite of Indifference: A Collection of Commentaries
visual: detail #01 Ha and Key Do d Less by Stef Meul