Desiring Interviews ◊ Marivi Gazeta

◊ What do you want to do with others?

    It seems that using pleasure as guidance to navigate our selves through this world creates inevitable bonds. Now that you’ve mentioned, I’ve been noticing the presence of others quite often lately but not all presences make me wanna do something with/to them, sometimes my inspiration gets triggered by their absence as well and sometimes I feel like asking these others what the hell they wanna do with me for fun, but I usually don’t.

    Since we’re meditating upon THE SUBJECT there is something I find relevant to this question. So, I think people identify and trace each other by the way they treat their desire. Their paths cross, at times without planning it, they attract each other, they meet and the intention sometimes exists already. So from the moment I meet the other I know what I want to do with them. In case I don’t, I welcome the frustration.

◊ How does your day and week look like?

    I’m (quite) unstable when it comes to that. I’m not as much in war with time as I used to be and I accept change, I actually provoke it. So, my routine can differ from day to day or from week to week. Sometimes how my day looks like depends on the night I had before, sometimes my week by the score of energy I’ve put in my planned activities and obligations – or I didn’t – and the position of the moon. They can involve people, but definitely, always, lots of alone time. Lots of movement, the aimlessly kind as well, daydreaming, music, a struggle to perceive and digest information wisely, entertaining and training my self.

    At least a hug, a good conversation or a kiss if I’m lucky. I could answer that question most accurately when I lived with animals, now I act on impulse and according my mood (which is changing per sec).

◊ Other comments and thoughts?

    Thank you, wholeheartedly, for the all the questions you’ve raised so far, in the questionnaire and through our interaction and our conversations. Reflecting upon this questionnaire simultaneously while preparing my performance in Berlin, has given me a lot of inspiration, it became in fact the theme.

P.s The people I had conversations with around this topic, most of them when asked what is desire for them, they replied that is something that remains unfulfilled.


“I’m coming back from where 

all my desires have been met

In my joy I became overjoyed

and through the sound and the taste

of an hysterical laughter 

I got a glimpse of the eternal

You wanted realness,

you were seeking 

for this holy moment, 

to witness in my eyes 

my disappearing 

in ecstasy 

I gave you that power,

I gave away my secret,

the impotent and divine 

nature of my desire,

my weakness

Now it’s you and I

and we can never meet

any place other than there

Heaven or Hell, you shall name it”