Open Call

Dear artists and researchers, I made this website and would like to invite you to add any material to this site in so far it resonates with trans-disciplinary artistic practices and research.

This is at start a personal initiative to gather artistic and research activities within a common framework for publication, reference, documentation and dissemination. I will do my best to include your work in to what I am able to do within my minimal budget and availability of time – therefore I will disperse updating your pages and editing to the participants themselves through your own WordPress editing roles.

No guarantee that this project will be everlasting and affordable – the onset for this website is to realise a common online space for transdisciplinary artists and researchers.

The costs of the site will depend on the use of bandwidth and site visitors, although I will do everything within my means to keep the site running and will try to find adequate support where necessary.

Anything illegal will not be considered viable for publication. will not claim ownership over any of its content and will so far as possible refer to its sources unless these compromise the well being of its respective authors.

So, If seems like a site where you would like to see your work presented, send me an email with a little introduction about yourself at:

[email protected]

and then add your links and materials you would like to add to the site through a file sharing service

with love,
Stef Meul